​​​What you didn't know is BP tripled its marketing budget to 93 million dollars
after the oil spill disaster...
​What you didn't know is BP's crucial part of drill, the Blowout Preventer "brain" had a dead battery...
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 On April 20th, 2010, 11 men lost their lives...The Gulf of Mexico has and will never be the same...All to increase profits for big oil companies.

Never Forget

​​What you didn't know is BP knew the drill rig was damaged enroute to the drill site yet they still continued...

Everyone said it would be impossible! They will bankrupt you before you or your clients ever see a dime. You'll never get paid. This is a fight you can't win. Our founder took on the challenge proving everyone wrong. His belief was, "The fish can't sue and there's no other way to hold them accountable for what they have done other than financially."

BP created the framework for a settlement whereas if you can prove you lost revenue via their "V-Trend" test you would qualify for a monetary settlement. Almost immediately after the settlement was put into place, BP ramped up their marketing budget once again however this time attacking the very settlement they created. T.V, Radio, and Billboards were everywhere asking the very people who could potentially qualify for damages to report any fraudulent claims so they could prosecute.

On the other hand, BP sent representatives up and down the Coast of Florida convincing hotels and restaurants to sign a waiver for $6,000 for lost revenues and sadly hundreds did.  

Our founder saw an opportunity to help the average person who had no clue how they could qualify, why they qualified, and if they qualified. In just over 1 year, our founder procured over 50 million dollars in claims for over 400 businesses directly affected by the BP Oil Spill.